Saturday, May 9, 2009

Atlantis Found with Google Ocean

Do you believe that Atlantis, the lost city, truly exists? And was it a city, island or an entire continent? Whatever it was, it may exist and might have been found. Atlantis Found and Lost with Google Ocean is a fascinating article, complete with pictures and videos, by Patrick Bernauw.

From the Article:

It happened only a few days after Google Ocean was launched. The UK tabloid The Sun published an article, titled Is this Atlantis? Bernie Bramford (38), an aeronautical engineer living in Chester, had spotted the mythical lost city here (co-ordinates 31 15'15.53N 24 15'30.53W), on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, near the Canary Islands, 620 miles off the coast of north west Africa. Bramford claimed that the network of criss-cross lines, forming a perfect rectangle about the size of Wales, looked like an "aerial map" of a city.

Atlantis experts said that the perfect rectangle of criss-cross lines was located at one of the possible sites of Atlantis, as described by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. After a failed effort to conquer Athens, around 9000 BC, the fabulous city with its advanced civilisation was destroyed by earthquakes and floods, and sunk with all its citizens beneath the Atlantic Ocean.