Friday, May 29, 2009

Writing Contest Rules and Guidelines

Hello All,

I am going to be holding a writing contest for the online writing community. There will be three categories: Poetry, short stories, and articles. The limits will be 1 page max for poetry, 800 words or 1 page for articles (whichever is longer), and 1500 words or 2 pages for short stories (whichever is longer). Anyone can enter but please only one entry per person; you can only enter in one category and you can only enter once in it. Preferably all pieces will be in the form of an online article (Triond, Bukisa, or other).  

I am fine with offensive language, just remember that this is being judged on quality and offensive language can sometimes detract from the quality of your writing though other times it may add to it and make it more realistic. Just be sure to pay attention to how it is effecting your piece. 

The contest will close on July 21 so please have your submissions in by then. If you know you are going to enter and which category you will be entering in, it would make it a lot easier if you could say which category you will enter on the submission page. All entries require a link posted on the submission page along with your name and the category. If it is unpublished and a word doc, please send to and leave the other info on the submission page. 

For judging I will try to get the results out as soon as possible. I will judge one category at a time. Once all submissions are in I will decide in which order I will judge the categories, depending on how many entries each category has. 

First place in each category will get a feature article and interview which will be posted here and on Triond. Each category will have a second place award and possibly a third place depending on number of entries and on whether I feel there is one particular entry that deserves it. 

I am currently planning on judging the contest by myself but if you would be interested in helping to judge let me know. 

If you have any questions or comments please be sure to tell me on the queston and comments page

If you can keep generic questions, comments and suggestions to that page that would be very much appreciated.  Anything related to any articles or blog posts about the contest can still be on that page. 

Entries can be submitted here but please remember, only one entry per person. 

Please let all your friends and fans know so we can have an even better contest. Happy writing,

-Resounding Glass