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The Final Chapter of Deception of Love!

Fresh Writing has published the final chapter of the Deception of Love. For those of you not familiar with the Deception of Love, it is an all around excellent novella about a boy and his struggles in a rough neighborhood in Hell's Kitchen during the Great Depression. Remember to read the story from chapter one if you have not done so already. There are also links on the final chapter to all the other chapters.

From the Chapter:

“’Ou know how it is, Juve.”

“I hoped this day wouldn’t have to come…” He rubbed something in his pocket.

“Yeh tried to feckin’ kill me twice Juve, yeh sold out on me, and yeh tried to cover yer own back! What worse can happen now?”

“I-I have to kill yeh Frank.”

The sadness, solidarity, anger, and frustration that had boiled in Frank was slowly releasing, but he knew he had to conserve it.  “Didn’t have this much trouble last time.  Look, yeh can still get out, yeh can still back away from this—yeh don’t have to stay in it!”

“Where are the police?”

Frank frowned.  “I-you think they took me?  I was gone before they could haul me there.  Had to whack three of ‘em.”

“That won’t fly a whistle.”

“Neither will yeh life.”

Juve moved closer to Frank.  “Are yeh threatin’ me?”

Frank walked towards his ex-pal.  “Are you?”

“Look around, Frank.  I was always smarter.  The Street is here.  The Whyos are comin’.  What’s yer best card?”

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We Know of God

An interesting poem by Vertjaars with "a new look at a classic character." 

The fire and the flames, they burn in the hearth
We know of the devil, do we not?
Destroyer of all and the creator of death
Deceiver of all for whom knowledge is sought

The brilliant lightning and Godly cloak
We know of God, do we not?
Bible tales read by the light of the village folk
The vindicator of those for whom the hard battle is fought

Two creations as varied as these
Are they somehow related to each other?
With human knowledge, can we seek to seize
The treasured secrets of another?

Nothing of this world is found perfected
Is the case any different with the world above?
Dark visions of a mind defected
Wrapped in the innocence of Nature's dove?

Might God have needed to expel
A part of him so dire
To create, even, a veritable Hell
To drown his sorrows in fire?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Deception of Love: The Heat Cranks Up!

Fresh Writing has rolled out another chapter of the Deception of love and it is as gripping and suspenseful as ever. 

From the Chapter:

If you have not yet read the novella from Chapter One, I suggest you do so. Otherwise, reading this will spoil it for you.

Later that day, I helped bring down the mob families, both of them.  I don’t remember how fast it happened, it being no more than a blur.  After hours of pain in the razzer department, I decided to help them out.  As long as I stayed cool, I could pull it off, and get on with my life, going straight again.

I have tried to adapt as I write this journal.  This journal that happens to be my safe, sacred haven.  Without it, I’d be knackered and away in the head.  So much I owe to this simple notebook.

They would’ve confiscated this notebook had I not demanded I keep it or they would not find the families.  Might I only hope that today is my last day eating straws out of the cup, and taking me life in me own hands every time I turn a corner. 

I’ve prayed for survival, I’ve prayed for guidance.  But most of all, for my family.  There is no such thing as a thief who steals and gives to the poor, but today…and over the past few weeks…I have become one, one that works not for personal gain, or glory, but for my family.  If anyone is to enter this journal after my death, might I say as a last note, and as an imparting saying: This is my story, and my life.

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A Changing World, What Could It Have Been?

This is a poem I wrote about our changing world today. Any thoughts or feedback would be very much appreciated as it helps me to improve. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it.

In a world plagued by violence, hatred and crime, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all take a moment and stop to shake each other's hands? What if our world was something different, something better than the one we look at today?

Image via Wikipedia



What if the Nazis had won the war? What if the MLK had never been born? What if there were no religions? What if Lincoln wasn’t president? What if we never had rebelled against England? What if money didn’t exist?


What would our world be like today? Would it be changed for better or worse?

What if we could all stop and shake each other’s hands? What if we could set back all bad we have done? Is it too late? Can we still make happiness this day?


What if there were not religions? What if the crusades had not happened? What if Hitler hadn’t killed the Jews? What if the Middle East was at peace? What if the Jews and Arabs got along?


What would our world be like today? Would it be changed for better or worse?

What if we could all stop and shake each other’s hands? What if we could set back all bad we have done? Is it too late? Can we still make happiness this day?


What if racism was no more? What if there was no discrimination? What if we could tolerate and accept all people? What if everyone was equal? What if we didn’t have prejudices and judge people by their looks or beliefs? What if we took the time to get to know someone before assuming things about them?


What would our world be like today? Would it be changed for better or worse?

What if we could all stop and shake each other’s hands? What if we could set back all bad we have done? Is it too late? Can we still make happiness this day?


What if people around the world could feel safe? What if they didn’t have to fear being killed or arrested? What if women everywhere could walk the streets alone? What if the people of Africa could begin to recover and rebuild after having war ravage their land and destroy their homes? What if the Israelis didn’t have to fear being wiped out by the Arabs? What if the Tibetans weren’t oppressed? What if women around the world didn’t have to fear rape?  What if people didn’t have to fear being killed by bombs going off or gunfire cutting through their flesh? What if there was nothing to be afraid of?


What would our world be like today? Would it be changed for better or worse?

What if we could all stop and shake each other’s hands? What if we could set back all bad we have done? Is it too late? Can we still make happiness this day?


What if gang warfare ceased? What if illegal drugs were no more? What if there were no more alcoholics? What if no one was in an abusive relationship? What if no one stole? What if the shootings stopped? What if Columbine hadn’t happened? What if child molesters went away?


What would our world be like today? Would it be changed for better or worse?

What if we could all stop and shake each other’s hands? What if we could set back all bad we have done? Is it too late? Can we still make happiness this day?


What if we were all honest? What if everyone was kind and truthful? What if we could all work together? When will we achieve world peace?  What will that day be like? How can we all work towards it?


What would our world be like today? Would it be changed for better or worse?

What if we could all stop and shake each other’s hands? What if we could set back all bad we have done? Is it too late? Can we still make happiness this day?

Let’s focus on the good and look towards that day that we can all have peace and shake each other’s hands. If we work towards it, it will come.



Image via Wikipedia

India Through the Eyes of an Indian: Part 2

Thinking about going to India but don't know where to go? Manya is back to help in part two with more travel destinations, this time from the western region of India.

From the Article:

Mumbai: Mumbai (Bombay) is the fashion capital, the Bollywood capital, the financial capital and certainly the most cosmopolitan city of India. Once you absorb the crowds you will realize that there is plenty to see around. Starting from the exquisite Marine Drive which runs 3 kilometers along the coast to the Victoria Terminus station which is a UNESCO world heritage site, Mumbai has several gems up its sleeves. Gateway of India overlooking the vast sea, the majestic Taj  hotel, the picturesque HajI Ali dargah and the beautifully sculpted Elephanta caves (another UNESCO world heritage site) are all places that are worth seeing. Also, don’t forget to take a trip down to Dharavi to find an exquisite collection of leather hand-bags and purses and bargain your way to get some really cool stuff! And yes, do try the famous Chowpatty food while in Mumbai- it may not be the best food you would have eaten but you will certainly savor the taste for a long time! Tip: Avoid Mumbai in the monsoons (June-October) as it gets too hot and humid.

A Mystery of the Mystic Lamb: The Nazi Plot

Although I never knew about the Mystic Lamb or the mystery of the Mystic Lamb I do know that this article by Patrick Bernauw is an extremely interesting read that you are sure to enjoy. 

From the Article:

Maybe the greatest mystery of the many mysteries surrounding the Mystic Lamb, was caused by the lower left panel, called the Just Judges. The original panel got stolen in 1934, has never been found and was replaced by a copy. It's Belgium's most famous unsolved mystery. Countless amateur and professional sleuths are still tracking clues. In a BBC interview with crime writer Minette Walters, Ghent's former police chief Karel Mortier referred to the theft as "the art crime of the century".

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How to Promote Your Content on Triond Ethically

On Triond and many other sites we often encounter people promoting their work. There are two kinds, those that promote in a kind and ethical manner and those that are unethical and not sincere. This article by REPuckett outlines the do's and don'ts of self promotion.

From the Article:

An ethical guide to promoting your content on Triond for new members, as well as some old ones.

As stated above, the purpose of this article is to provide an ethical guide to promoting your content on Triond.  The focus will be on promoting inside Triond.  Promoting outside of Triond will be touched on only briefly at the end.  The first thing you need to understand is that all of us writers on Triond are basically "selling" the same thing.  If you sell vacuum cleaners for a living, the chances are that you will not try to focus on selling to other vacuum cleaner salesmen.  It just doesn't make too much sense.  Try to think of it in this way if you ever have the urge to start a thread in the Triond forum blatantly promoting yourself.  Now when you do ignore this unspoken code of ethics and spam yourself all over Triond you tend to be ostracized by the rest of the community.  I'm sure when we all first start off on Triond that our intention is to experience a certain amount of success from our efforts.  If this is the case for you, I assure you that taking an unethical approach to self-promotion within the established Triond community will have the opposite affect.  This article is intended to explain to you how you can maintain a reputation as a decent writer within the Triond community by participating ethically and contributing to the community in a positive way.

About the Author: Resounding Glass

I, Resounding Glass, am a young writer trying to improve and gain readership. I am also looking for a good read whether it be interesting, emotional, informing, or funny. In addition to writing and blogging online I enjoy exercise, sports, and hanging out with friends. I currently write for Triond under the name Resounding Glass and for Bukisa as ResoundingGlass. Currently I am starting to write at Helium but have only written one article so far. I usually write poetry though I write whatever I feel like with topics such as cells, pranks, exercise tips, procrastination, the meaning of life, and paintball. In addition to this blog, I currently have other one blog, Online Writing. It is written by Fresh Writing and I and is about how to be successful writing online. Be sure to check it out for some great tips and information. If you want to add me on Digg, Stumble, and Twitter, I can be found on all three as ResoundingGlass just be sure to contact me so I know who you are. Hope to see you there. 

Remember, if you would like to have your work featured here on this site be sure to send me a message on Triond or shoot me an email at

Thanks for reading and for your support,

-Resounding Glass

The Hide "N" Seek Game

The Hide "N" Seek Game is a very thoughtful and insightful article by Amilila Snow about people and how they express themselves.

About people and the difficulties they face while trying to express themselves.

I, for one, do.

In life, we often mask ourselves with different personalities when we meet different type of people.

Before you try to retort, try thinking whether something similar like this has happened:

- - - - -

If someone bumped into you by mistake on the street causing you to drop all your things, they apologize, you politely say "It's okay."

If someone in your family for instance, your kids, parents or your siblings, steps on your foot, they apologize but you shout:"Are you blind?"

- - - - -

Yes, we all wear masks to disguise our real thoughts & emotions. However, some people tend to mask themselves because they want to keep a distance between the both of you. Why though? Is it perhaps they have the difficulty to express themselves? Or is there something else?

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India Through the Eyes of an Indian

Thinking about traveling to India and don't know where to go? This article Manya provides excellent feedback and details about places you must visit in India and includes beautiful pictures of each place. 

From the article:

Since time immemorial India has fascinated people across the world. It is a land of diversity, cultural depth, myriad arts, colors and life in striking contrasts.

As an Indian, I have witnessed many interesting facets of this wonderful country and here is a glimpse into some of them. I am currently based in Bangalore, (called the Sillicon Valley of India) which is in southern India. So, my first part of this series is a travelogue listing places in south India that one must visit!

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The Science and Silliness of Kissing

Kissing, we all do it in one form or another but how would you explain it to alien visitors? Do you even know where it came from? This well written article by R J Evans is very interesting and provides a full overview of kissing from the history to why we do it and everything else in between.

From the Article:

Think about it. If a spaceship full of aliens landed on earth to observe human behavior, how on earth would we explain the act of kissing?  One person touches another person with their lips.  Not, of course, lips to lips alone.  Lips to cheek, lips to neck, lips to - well, just about any other body part can be considered.  Imagine the polite but nevertheless obvious squirming with embarrassment that could be involved on either or both sides of the species divide.

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Announcement: Change in Formatting

Hello All,

After receiving feedback and thinking it over I have decided that I am going to change the way your work is featured. Instead of posting an entire article, I will put a paragraph or two and then a link to your article. The only exception to this will be poetry as I feel it will break up the poem and due to the fact that many poems are short may end up including most if not all of the poem anyway. This will also be helpful as some of the articles are very long and take up a good deal of space. This change will go into effect starting with the next piece I feature but will not apply to previously featured articles. If you would like me to feature an entire article for some reason please let me know, otherwise I will post by the guidelines previously mentioned. 

If you have any recommendations, changes or feedback related to this change let me know and I will take them into consideration. Thanks,

-Resounding Glass

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Blog

Hello All,

I just wanted to let you know about my Online Writing Blog. For those of you who have not already taken a look at it, it is a blog written by Fresh Writing and I about, as the name suggests, online writing. We will be discussing things such as how to get more views, the different online publishing companies and tips to help you become more successful among other topics. We only started it a couple days ago and have already posted a couple articles.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the new blog,

-Resounding Glass

What It Could Have Been

Have you ever wondered how a situation would have turned out if you had done something different or pushed a little harder? Have you ever regretted having not done something? Those are probably some of the the thoughts that are going on in the head of the main character in Amilia Snow's poem. What It Could Have Been is a very well written and emotional poem.

Both of them possess different statures,

Both from different worlds,

A stroke of fate brought them together in that hallway,

Something clicked that instance & her heart awoke from a deep slumber.

His presence in her life, brought light & joy,

like a bright sun shining upon her.

His smile was heart-melting,

his crooked grins sent her heart racing.

He was sweet & extremely lovable,

It seemed that his smiles were only for her.

It was so natural being with him- the flirting, the teasing, the laughter...

Like they have known each other all along.

Is it mutual, this fondness?

This innocent friendship, could it be more?

She dare not dream in fear of losing it all,

till one day he stopped coming to their special spot.

For the first time, the girl realized how important he was.

The fear of losing him was simply unbearable.

She was sick with worry.

Confused & terrified that she might have upset him.

Finally after seeking him for long, she found him.

Alas, he avoided her eyes & said:

"I'm not playing your teasing game anymore."

Stunned speechless, she watched his retreating back while her heart slowly crumbled to pieces.

The teasing game is something unique to them,

it was the foundation of their relationship, a ritual they go through every time they meet,

something the girl believed which binds them together, bringing both of them closer.

An inexplicit relationship.

It turns out he has gotten a girlfriend.

It was weeks before they talked normally again.

But it seems their spark & chemistry was lost.

Was it just her imagination or it never existed at all?

The girl wasn't good at these things,

She never had a mutual relationship before.

But one thing she knew,

She knew that she truly loved this guy.

Perhaps if she had been more aggressive,

maybe the ending would be different.

Perhaps she will know how the guy actually thinks of her,

maybe there was something special after all.

Years later,

after it all blew over,

she sometimes still wonders

what it could have been

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Choose Your Words Carefully, Brother, They Tend to Last

We as a nation are a variety. The People in which you speak, Harvey, come in all colors-light and dark. So watch yourself-I might talk about that on 106 and Park. 

Choose Your Words Carefully, Brother, They Tend to Last is a poem by Patrick Leahy about the struggles of black people. It is a shame that Patrick does not do any writing online as he is an amazing writer. Fortunately, he has allowed Fresh Writing to publish a few of his poems which can be found here and here

Mr. Harvey, my brotha we used to be cool

But then I heard something bad from my homies at school.

Last night on TV, infront of everybody right?

You started frontin, spitting crap about bout dark versus light

So for the first time in my life I'm usin hiphop to speak

Because there be something I gotta say, I’ve been writin all week

Mr. Harvey I don’t understand brotha, we all on the same side.

We all black, all shades, dude make up yo’ mind

And if obama aint black enough to be president

And my friend’s momma can barely get enough money for the rent

Would you tell me Mr. Harvey who’s blacker than him?

I’ll tell one thing, it ain’t Hillary Clinton.

Because she just like Bill Clinton, she as Caucasian as can be.

But don’t bring her in, this is between you and me.

The problem here brotha is we aint united as a people

Black people hating black people, Jesus up on the steeple.

When did this happen? Why did it come to this?

Sure some people are gunna hate me for askin this.

But this is buggin me man, I gotta go back.

Just exactly how could I gain the title of black.

Maybe I’d have to earn it, use the nword and such.

Well I’ll tell you one thing, the nword don’t say much.

Will Smith don’t use the nword, you think that be stopping him from

Dropping another hit, fasta and fasta the hatas do run

You gotta ask yo self man, what would Martin do? 

Martin loved people of all skin colors, that means he’d hate you.

I’m black too man, that means I just like yo son.

So what I came out lighter than you, dawg would you cut and run?

Where I come from, black people love black people, that’s just how it be.

Give each otha a nod, smile, walk in the street.

I aint used to all this hate brotha, maybe I’m sensitive

I loved yo show but now I’m not sure if it’s too offensitive.

You used to be my hero, I loved you – man I still do

But now you like cussin’ Kramer, dawg, to hell with you.

Fo’ real tho, I aint neva gunna hate on another brotha again

But if I evas on 106 an park, shoutin out to mah friends.

Imma go say something Mr. Harvey, I aint gunna front

Imma tell em for real, black people can’t pull these types of stunts

Ex-KKK be listening and they’ll use it to divide us

And just like the Berlin Conference ripped apart the africus

They gunna use your words to destroy us American Africans

And uneducated people, they ignorance gunna get us off track again.

As a people we gotta look to the future and get the hell outta the past.

So choose yo words carefully – brother, they tend to last.

Animal Rights or Animal Welfare?

If you are passionate about animals you have likely heard about animal rights and animal welfare, and have probably even donated money to one cause or another. Animal Rights or Animal Welfare? is a great and very informing article by B Nelson comparing the two and showing the major differences between them.

Did you know that humans are animals? Most people do not seem to think we are. Some people do not think animals deserve to be treated with any respect at all, with any sympathies to their suffering. Others take the opposite stance and go to an extreme... They are the Animal Rights people. There was a time when I would not have to make the distinction between the terms "Animal Rights" and "Animal Welfare".

Animal Welfare people want to see animals not suffer needlessly. They want people to be able to own animals but not treat them with undue cruelty. Animal Rights people are more extreme, suggesting that animals should have the same legal as people, going so far as to want all other animals listed as "legal persons". Animal Rights activists will tell you eating meat is wrong (even though humans are omnivores) and owning pets is wrong. Even seeing eye dogs are wrong. Feeding meat to another animal is wrong.

Some Animal Rights groups suggest that domestic livestock, and many common house pets are invalid lifeforms because their evolution was impacted by Humans. In actuality, domestic livestock and house pets such as sheep and dogs evolved into what they are today because they formed a symbiotic relationship with humans long ago. That evolutionary process is just as legitimate as any other as the evolution of all species is impacted by other species it interacts with. Suggesting that sheep, cows, dogs, and cats are invalid lifeforms because of their interaction with Humans is unfair to them.

I support Animal Welfare activists 100 %. I do believe we can treat our food animals,and all animals, far better than we do. I do not support many Animal Rights activists, some have fallen into this by having soft hearts, and simply do not know where to stop.

Good Animal Welfare Ideas

  1. Spaying and Neutering Pets. Thus reducing the number of unwanted pets that will be euthanized, currently, millions in the USA alone every year.
  2. Free range chickens. Produce healthier eggs, and happier birds. I am talking about TRUE Free Range Chicken. Be aware that there needs to be stricter laws regarding labeling as "Free Range".
  3. Better enclosures for zoo animals, with species specific natural settings, and more space per animal.
  4. Enacting laws against cruel cosmetic of pets, or use for cruel entertainment (eg. Dog fighting).
  5. Education on needs of specific animals. So that people may care for these animals properly or preserve these animals from extinction if that need exists.
  6. Animal rescues and shelters. Helping those in need, and even humanely euthanizing animals when there are more animals than there are homes for.
  7. Understanding that Humanity lives in "The Natural World" and because of this needs to protect and preserve it.

Bad Animal Rights Ideas

  1. Making house cats into vegetarians. Cats are true carnivores, this will cause health issues. Punishing some animals, for simply being animals and doing what is natural to them.
  2. Calling for releasing all animals into the wild. There is no way millions of cattle would survive on what little land is left natural for them. There is no way the chickens would survive the cold winters without shelter. Cats would soon out number their food source.
  3. Trying to force changes in laws through acts of minor terrorism. This not only hurts the cause of "Animal Rights" in the public perception, it also does no good for the animals. Some times these acts include actively setting animals loose, to which many animals die, or are killed.
  4. More time and funds are spent, promoting, or proselytizing for, intolerant ideologies, rather than actually helping animals.
  5. Deceptive or ill informed media manipulation and/or fund raising. This is another area that hurts the cause of "Animal Rights"and another action that hurts innocent "Animal Welfare" workers and organizations as well as animals.
  6. Irrational "No Kill" Shelters. Ones that keep animals alive at any cost, even old animals that are suffering, so they can serve as symbols for these shelters. I am sure that if some of these animals could have written a "Living Will" they would have taken the option of "End my suffering" just as many Humans do.

  7. Promotion of the belief that Humanity is or can be separate from "The Natural World". This is an extremist "Animal Rights" point of view for sure. Some even going so far as to suggest that the entire Human population of the planet could, or should, be made to live in an area the size of Texas, a type of concentration camp for Humans, so that the rest of the planet could remain "Wild".
  8. Pushing people to become Vegans or Vegetarians. True most of us should eat less meat, but millions of cattle, pigs, etc. would be slaughtered NOW if we were all to suddenly stop eating meat. More land would be cleared to grow meat alternatives, thus displacing wildlife.


Do you really want to live in a world where your beloved Cat has to stand trial for violating the rights of a mouse? Do you really want to live in a world where dogs and cats no longer exist because someone decided they were invalid creatures? Do you want to live in a world where you cannot drink milk, because dairy cattle were wiped out? If you answered "No" to these questions then you are on your way to understanding why "Animal Rights" extremism is so dangerous.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

About the Author: Clay Hurtubise

Clay was born due to the poor construction of a condom. Nevertheless, he had a loving, middle America home to grow up in. He first started writing poetry when he was about ten years old. All through High School and early college he excelled in writing classes. It wasn't until several years after an auto accident left him with a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) that he resumed with his love of writing. With a dry, witty sense of humor he brings the mundane to life. He writes both dark and light poems and also has taken many pictures from the late 60's to the present. He currently writes at Triond and also has his own website. His first book: Drug Trip, comes out this fall and is about the adventures he had while taking a week off form pharmacy school. He is also working on starting his own publishing company soon. If you enjoyed his narrative Ten Stones be sure to click the links to view more of his work.

Party Crashers: A Guide to Success

Looking for a good time? Here are some amusing tips from Fresh Writing to make the best of any party. It made me laugh a lot and as I read this, I thought to myself that it was too funny to not include in my blog. Hope you enjoy it.

1.  If you are young, and happen to be visiting a party, someone will inevitably come up and say, “gosh, you look so much older!”  Respond promptly by saying, “aw!  So do you!”  Smile a dazzling smile and slip into the crowd of socializing partygoers as soon as possible.

2.  Upon someone making a joke, start sneezing as though you have a contagious disease.  Then, as everyone is staring at you, say, “Oh, I’m sorry.  I’m just allergic to crappy comedy.”  Again, either leave the premises or blend into the background promptly.

3.  As someone’s walking by to go to a restroom or other, trip them.  Then, as they spill their drink over themselves as they topple to the ground, yell, “Ghandi!  You’re getting out of control-calm down up there!”  Then run out of the house.

4.  Trip someone deliberately and then say, “OH JEEZ.  THAT’s embarrassing.”  Then calmly walk away from the person.

5.  Toast the birthday person and thank them for paying for the Jacuzzi.  When the birthday chorus breaks out, sing in style of opera: very loudly and obnoxiously.

6.  If someone asks you to babysit children, snort and reply, “You know…STDs make it hurt when you want to pee…”

7.  If someone is going bald, ask them if you could use their beer cozy.  As soon as they ask why or offer their beer cozy, place the beer on the person’s head and walk away.

8.  Offer your number to a lady/guy at the party.  If they reject it, insist.  “No, no I insist- I WANT you to have it- here, I’ll put it in your purse/wallet…no, allow me…” A good way to get a laugh – bring someone to witness the hilarity.

9.  As the traditional tradition goes, spill red wine on a person’s carpet.  Annoying and almost irreversible. 

10.  Lose yourself in a crowd, but not before letting people know what your cellphone number is.  Then change your voice mail to be something related to:  “HELLO?  HELLO?  I CAN”T HEAR YOU-WHERE ARE YOU?  HELLO?”  Record that for five minutes and then say, “oh, right.  That’s because I’m NOT HERE!”  Easily the most annoying and fun thing to watch unfold at a party.  Make sure that you are in an undetectable location and that people are searching for you, however.

11.  If it happens to be St. Patrick's Day and you're not wearing green at the party, a friend will most likely pinch you.  As they run toward you and pinch you (along with saying "April Fools!"), promptly slap them across the face and say, "See?  Even Ghandi plays with fire sometimes..." Then shake your head and walk away from the person.

Ten Stones

Ten Stones is a very beautiful and moving narrative by Clay Hurtubise. It is about a hardship that was a blessing in disguise and the beautiful Christmas Clay spent as a result of it. Hope you enjoy it. 

Lichen covered, lying still high in the mountains, the rocks had been in their home for time eternal. Warm golden days of summer were brief while the cold of winter set in early and clutched to the ground as long as it could with all it’s strength. Trees are stunted and branches often grow on only one side due to the intensity of the winds. Water is scarce, except when not needed. Large outcroppings of stone are scattered throughout this land, giving it a unique appearance that some find cold while others, like myself, find comforting. Soil conditions are poor and growth of any plant is slow and tedious. Large jackrabbits, sly coyotes, and quick deer call this their home.

Christmas Eve and all my friends had gone off to visit family, far from this desolate habitat. Neither my family nor I had sufficient funds to pay for the fuel and tolls for me to travel the two thousand miles home. Two thousand miles.  One family was kind enough to invite me into their home for the day, but I felt like an intruder and headed for where I feel most connected. The winds were expected to peak at over seventy miles per hour that night. The quiet town in the distance was boarded up, deserted streets and the proverbial tumbleweed skipping down the streets with nothing in its path to stop it.

My battered C-10 pickup was loaded with my tent, some worn blankets (my sleeping bag having been stolen some time back),  small, basic amount of food and a flashlight. The drive in is normally done only with four-wheel drive, and then it needed high clearance to avoid the rocky approach. My skills at driving my beast of a truck were honed in the oilfields of Wyoming, traveling miles on end through mud as deep as the axle and then rapidly changing to hard pack roads dustier than a two bit motel. Icy patches of the one lane trail tested my abilities to the utmost. The drive in was surreal, the wind already howling, calling my name. There would be no one else out in such conditions tonight, at least not human.

Twilight was fast approaching and I lugged my tired belongings to a favorite spot. The tent could not be staked down for the wind laughed at my attempts. To late to drive back into town and there were no options but my original intent. Tying the ropes of the bright orange tent to rocks was futile: the wind so intense that it would lift the tent up and shake it, with me inside. Now darkness was near and I found my solution. Scattered about were the lichen-covered rocks, embedded in the earth as if tentacles held them in place. With a stick I could free them from mother’s grasp and carry them to my tent. On each side I placed three, then two on each end, firmly securing my humble abode. Once inside my deluxe flashing shone for the last time and I was alone with the darkness. The fabric of the tent was whipped about creating a torturous sound and I fully expected it to be torn to shreds at any given moment.

Nothing to do but wait it out so I made my bed out of the sparse blankets and rested my head on my jacket. Within moments the coyotes were talking to each other, their howls echoing through the valley. Each howl sounded closer than the previous. My thoughts were scattered at first, then as I listened I felt comfortable, home. Soon the tent was aglow with morning sun, and all was silent. For some time I just relaxed and listened to the quiet. After I got dressed I opened the flap of my trusty tent and it was as if God had played a trick on me. Was this the same land I fell asleep in, or like Dorothy, had I awakened in a fairy tale? The fresh, dry snow covered the land in an even blanket of white, and I kid you not, two deer were just a stone’s throw from my tent, basking in the morning’s early rays. Of all the Christmas presents I have received in my life, this will always remain my favorite. The awe, the intensity of beauty.

Mother had never flown in a plane, as after the end of WWII my Father went back to Belgium where he met her, and after a double ceremony with one of her sisters, she and my father traveled back to the United States via ship. While she missed her family dearly, she was deathly afraid of planes for as a teenager she had watched multitudes of them be shot down over her home. My graduation provided the impetus for her to conquer her fear, this from a woman who faced the Nazi regimen on a daily basis. She was nervous of the ride to the special place I wanted to take her and I repeatedly calmed her nerves with yes, I know what I’m doing. My parents hiked the short distance to what was my home for one special evening. As she stood there, she looked about and understood why I loved this land. As I had described the event to her in detail, she knew exactly how it should look. Nothing had disturbed this harsh spot of land since my last visit. Tears came to her eyes as she turned, reached out to hold me and said: “Ten stones”.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Stolen Things

This is a poem of mine that I wrote a couple weeks ago. I was, in part, inspired by my finals week as it had taken many hours of sleep from me. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading. If you want to view more of my work, check out my Triond profile.

Stolen Things

How I need them

How I long for them

How I miss them


Oh, wonderful sleep,

Taken from me

Stolen from me


I have been deprived of sleep

My precious sleep

It has been stolen from me many a time

But yet I cannot get it back

When I catch the thief,

It is gone,

Unable to be returned

Even though I desperately need it

Stolen Things

How I need them

How I long for them

How I miss them


Whenever I look it is gone,



Perhaps it is stolen by the same thieves who have taken my sleep

Perhaps not,

I do not know,

But what I do know is when I find these thieves I will make them pay,

Suffer for the pain I have had to go through because I know,

That I will never get it back

My valuable possessions,

Once stolen,

Can never be returned

The thieves,

Those heartless thieves,

Take my sleep and time away

And I am sad for I know I will never see them again,

Goodbye my wonderful things



Never to come back to me,

That is the way it is

Although they are gone, I still have more of them

A never ending source 

Like the water in the oceans and seas

Until the end of the earth

Or in my case, my life

Stolen Things

How I need them

How I long for them

How I miss them

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