Thursday, June 4, 2009

Writing Contest Update

Hello All,

I wanted to start off by saying thank you for dropping by and reading about the Writing Contest that will be held here. I am glad to say we seem to be getting a steady number of people visiting every day. 

I wanted to point out to you the change in the rules though don't be worried as it is just in the limits. I have changed the article maximum to 800 words or 1 page for articles (whichever is longer) and 1500 words or 2 pages for short stories (also whichever is longer). 

Sometime soon, hopefully this weekend, I plan on going back and working on the rules to make them a little more formal so be sure to check back in for that, especially since I may be revising them a little. 

This contest seems to be getting off to a pretty good start and I cannot wait for the first submission. Please note the links on the right hand side near the top. These are to the questions, rules, and submission pages, all for your convenience.

Thanks and happy writing,

-Resounding Glass