Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Science and Silliness of Kissing

Kissing, we all do it in one form or another but how would you explain it to alien visitors? Do you even know where it came from? This well written article by R J Evans is very interesting and provides a full overview of kissing from the history to why we do it and everything else in between.

From the Article:

Think about it. If a spaceship full of aliens landed on earth to observe human behavior, how on earth would we explain the act of kissing?  One person touches another person with their lips.  Not, of course, lips to lips alone.  Lips to cheek, lips to neck, lips to - well, just about any other body part can be considered.  Imagine the polite but nevertheless obvious squirming with embarrassment that could be involved on either or both sides of the species divide.