Friday, April 17, 2009

What It Could Have Been

Have you ever wondered how a situation would have turned out if you had done something different or pushed a little harder? Have you ever regretted having not done something? Those are probably some of the the thoughts that are going on in the head of the main character in Amilia Snow's poem. What It Could Have Been is a very well written and emotional poem.

Both of them possess different statures,

Both from different worlds,

A stroke of fate brought them together in that hallway,

Something clicked that instance & her heart awoke from a deep slumber.

His presence in her life, brought light & joy,

like a bright sun shining upon her.

His smile was heart-melting,

his crooked grins sent her heart racing.

He was sweet & extremely lovable,

It seemed that his smiles were only for her.

It was so natural being with him- the flirting, the teasing, the laughter...

Like they have known each other all along.

Is it mutual, this fondness?

This innocent friendship, could it be more?

She dare not dream in fear of losing it all,

till one day he stopped coming to their special spot.

For the first time, the girl realized how important he was.

The fear of losing him was simply unbearable.

She was sick with worry.

Confused & terrified that she might have upset him.

Finally after seeking him for long, she found him.

Alas, he avoided her eyes & said:

"I'm not playing your teasing game anymore."

Stunned speechless, she watched his retreating back while her heart slowly crumbled to pieces.

The teasing game is something unique to them,

it was the foundation of their relationship, a ritual they go through every time they meet,

something the girl believed which binds them together, bringing both of them closer.

An inexplicit relationship.

It turns out he has gotten a girlfriend.

It was weeks before they talked normally again.

But it seems their spark & chemistry was lost.

Was it just her imagination or it never existed at all?

The girl wasn't good at these things,

She never had a mutual relationship before.

But one thing she knew,

She knew that she truly loved this guy.

Perhaps if she had been more aggressive,

maybe the ending would be different.

Perhaps she will know how the guy actually thinks of her,

maybe there was something special after all.

Years later,

after it all blew over,

she sometimes still wonders

what it could have been