Thursday, April 30, 2009

We Know of God

An interesting poem by Vertjaars with "a new look at a classic character." 

The fire and the flames, they burn in the hearth
We know of the devil, do we not?
Destroyer of all and the creator of death
Deceiver of all for whom knowledge is sought

The brilliant lightning and Godly cloak
We know of God, do we not?
Bible tales read by the light of the village folk
The vindicator of those for whom the hard battle is fought

Two creations as varied as these
Are they somehow related to each other?
With human knowledge, can we seek to seize
The treasured secrets of another?

Nothing of this world is found perfected
Is the case any different with the world above?
Dark visions of a mind defected
Wrapped in the innocence of Nature's dove?

Might God have needed to expel
A part of him so dire
To create, even, a veritable Hell
To drown his sorrows in fire?