Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Hide "N" Seek Game

The Hide "N" Seek Game is a very thoughtful and insightful article by Amilila Snow about people and how they express themselves.

About people and the difficulties they face while trying to express themselves.

I, for one, do.

In life, we often mask ourselves with different personalities when we meet different type of people.

Before you try to retort, try thinking whether something similar like this has happened:

- - - - -

If someone bumped into you by mistake on the street causing you to drop all your things, they apologize, you politely say "It's okay."

If someone in your family for instance, your kids, parents or your siblings, steps on your foot, they apologize but you shout:"Are you blind?"

- - - - -

Yes, we all wear masks to disguise our real thoughts & emotions. However, some people tend to mask themselves because they want to keep a distance between the both of you. Why though? Is it perhaps they have the difficulty to express themselves? Or is there something else?

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