Sunday, April 26, 2009

India Through the Eyes of an Indian: Part 2

Thinking about going to India but don't know where to go? Manya is back to help in part two with more travel destinations, this time from the western region of India.

From the Article:

Mumbai: Mumbai (Bombay) is the fashion capital, the Bollywood capital, the financial capital and certainly the most cosmopolitan city of India. Once you absorb the crowds you will realize that there is plenty to see around. Starting from the exquisite Marine Drive which runs 3 kilometers along the coast to the Victoria Terminus station which is a UNESCO world heritage site, Mumbai has several gems up its sleeves. Gateway of India overlooking the vast sea, the majestic Taj  hotel, the picturesque HajI Ali dargah and the beautifully sculpted Elephanta caves (another UNESCO world heritage site) are all places that are worth seeing. Also, don’t forget to take a trip down to Dharavi to find an exquisite collection of leather hand-bags and purses and bargain your way to get some really cool stuff! And yes, do try the famous Chowpatty food while in Mumbai- it may not be the best food you would have eaten but you will certainly savor the taste for a long time! Tip: Avoid Mumbai in the monsoons (June-October) as it gets too hot and humid.